domingo, 19 de setembro de 2010

James Brown – Time for Payback 2CD 2010

CD 1

01 i am james brown (o-ton james brown)
02 the payback part 1 (original single-version)
03 i started singing (o-ton james brown)
04 give it up or turnit a loose (remix)
05 talkinÆ loud & sayinÆ nothing (remix)
06 james brown invented soul music (o-ton sting)
07 people get up and drive your funky soul (remix)
08 itÆs a manÆs manÆs manÆs world
09 introduction to star time (von frankie crocker; live)
10 cold sweat (live)
11 get up (and feel like being a sex machine) (live)
12 get up, get into it, get involved (live)
13 one of the most magnetic performers (o-ton paul young
14 my thang
15 i canÆt stand it Æ76
16 the hardest-working man in showbiz (o-ton bryan ferry)
17 all for one
18 fight against drug abuse (public service announcement von james brown)


01 my name is danny (o-ton danny ray)
02 itÆs a new day so let a man come in (live)
03 for goodness sakes, look at those cakes
04 i refuse to lose
05 i donÆt wanna beà (o-ton james brown)
06 people who criticize
07 singing is (o-ton james brown)
08 bessie
09 jam
10 big influence (o-ton larry blackmon)
11 super bull, super bad
12 no static (full force def mix)
13 nature
14 iÆm colorblind (o-ton james brown)
15 the payback (live)

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