sábado, 23 de outubro de 2010

Cancerslug - Decade of Decay - Phase 1 (2010)

Todas essas músiacs estão para download no site da banda, liberados.
A diferença é que, o brother Artur Gustavo(Lex Luthor), criou as artes do CD, num puta trampo gráfico.
Esse lançamento da banda não possui arte.

All these songs are for download on the band's web site.The difference is that the big brother Artur Gustavo (Lex Luthor), created the CD art, a graphic whore gig.This release of the band does not have art.

From BWBK: CANCERSLUG - featuring Metal Blade recording artists: Randy Butman and Jack Goodwin from PATHS OF POSSESSION and Erin Fuller of HELL ON EARTH alongside Alex Story - have completed their debut album titled, Tales Of A Butcher.

Respected producer Brian Elliot (SOILENT GREEN, HATE ETERNAL) handled recording duties at Mana Studios in Tampa, Florida. Tales Of A Butcher will contain 28 tracks and is scheduled for a late spring release.

Visit Cancerslug's MySpace page to hear 'Dead Childrens Playground' and 'Women And Dope'.

Download CD -  http://www.sendspace.com/file/ij0iqg
Site da banda - http://www.cancerslug.net/

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