quinta-feira, 21 de outubro de 2010

T.T. Quick - 1986 - Metal of Honor

Pra quem quiser conhecer mais sobre o novo vocal do Accept, taí!
Valeu a dica, pinguin! Valeu primo!

The Band
Mark Tornillo - vocals
Dave DiPietro - guitar
Walt Fortune - bass
Glenn Evans - Drums

Track List
.01. Metal Of Honor
02. Front Burner
03. Hard As A Rock
04. Child Of Sin
05. Asleep At The Wheel
06. Come Beat The Band
07. Hell To Pay
08. Queen Of The Scene
09. Glad All Over
10. Siren Song 


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PE_35 disse...

hi from Canada,

i just want you to know that Glenn Evans played drums only on the 1st ep of TT QUICK, the drummer on metal of honor is Erick Ferro .