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BARBARIAN/SERVI DIABOLI - WolfRock Promotion 2012


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Storms, rough seas, ghosts on the high seas, cursed islands, sea battles and a few bottles of rum to calm down. This is the BARBARIA, a great band containing a musicality in equilibrium with a heavy sound and artistic personality. In addition to classical and contemporary music and influence, the group encourages its concise Heavy Metal songs and pirate themes. Since 2008, Barbaria craves success with their own musicality. From some member changes, the band stabilized in 2011 with great March: Entry of the Carlos Veraart on bass and Marcelo Louback assuming the guitar in the group which resulted in the epic release of demo "Under The Black Flag". The harmony between the four members is evident when listening to each song, has to feel that the group hoisting sails into the wind north in search of a greater purpose. And a few months after the release came a daring video clip of the title track from the album Under the Black Flag, the initial idea came about after Draco and Fernando talk a lot and see many movies. The video clip takes the idea of the cloister give the holds of a ship and the lighting was almost natural, the intent was to pass the idea of the real environment. Clearly feels the wind on your face and the bow swinging towards the raging waves listen to the songs: Sea Battles, cursed islands, lust and greed, are evident in the songs, but the themes are not limited to fictional letters revising feelings of reality in a more attractive, symbolizing their fears in the islands, their anger in gains, losses and dreams in the quieter songs. It is a band as fickle as the ocean has its hour of fury and also its moments of calm between the seas and storm clouds are sailing the Barbary. The great writer Louback Draco (Lead Vocals), addresses a number of literary works for the lyrics merging with the guitar melody Louback Marcelo, his blood brother, the result is epic songs, well

directed, made the soul to shake his head fans and they sing their hymns in chorus. What makes the band special is the ease of expressing the words through guitar riffs and make a full theatrical show, with clothes, rum, flags and who knows, a ship, which makes the group interesting and unlike anything ever seen. Over time, the Barbary performed several concerts in Brazil, sharing the stage with great bands national and international ... At present the composition of the new album is being made, titled Watery Grave, and from now on a new journey begins ..

Download :
http://guardiaodometal.blogspot.com/2011/07/barbaria-under-black-flag-2011.html   our demo cd for freedownload   

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SERVI DIABOLI is probably the rawest Black Metal band to ever appear in Málaga (Southern Spain) and was originally formed by the Brazillian musician Armando Luiz back in the year 2011. The main subjects of their songs are occultism, vampirism, necromancy and death. Servi Diaboli has been influenced by some bands such as Sarcófago, Amen Corner, Death, Mactatus, Vintersorg, Borknagar, Emperor, Behemoth, etc.

After many years writing and composing on his own, Armando decided to gather several musicians to bring SERVI DIABOLI to stages and scenaries all over the world. In may 2011 the band started rehearsals, and in September 11th 2011 they recorded 3 tracks in 6 hours: this Demo-Cd is for sale nowadays. Later that same year (in December) the group changed its line up after their first gig.

SERVI DIABOLI has now a stable and professional formation with Armando on guitars and chorus, Fernando Puebla from Argentina at drums, P.I.N.O. López from Marbella playing bass and Einsam Vuk from Coín screaming on top of all that. In February 2012 the bad starts some sort of "little tour" all over Málaga, playing extreme metal in every single venue that they are allowed to go.

This Black Metal band is already in the semi-finals for the Wacken Open Air Festival Contest and will be performing live in Madrid soon.

Download :

http://soundcloud.com/servidiaboli/sets/demo   our demo cd for free download

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