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Cardinal Synne - Exclusive Single from the Debut Album

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Cardinal Synne

Exclusive Download of the first track release from the album

Blood in the Sand

Your Exclusive Download
Please find above an exclusive download of Blood in the Sand, the first track to be promoted from the debut album by Cardinal Synne, which we hope you will enjoy and play for your listeners. If you have any problems downloading the file then please get in touch and we will get the file to you by alternate means.

The Album contains 8 tracks of classic British heavy rock, and we’re very proud of it. Give it a listen and we’re certain you’ll agree.

The Album is available now at

Cardinal Synne were formed in the North East last year. The band members are all seasoned performers having between them released several albums and toured Europe and North America extensively. The band are fronted by Ian Swift (formerly of well-known UK heavy metal bands Avenger, Satan and Atomkraft).

We will be playing this year’s Hard Rock Hell festival in December and are currently in the process of booking a schedule of gigs for autumn, winter and the new year.

See Us at Hardrock Hell December 01st 2011
Who Are Cardinal Synne

By Order of his Most Holy Excellency, Cardinal Synne has arrived on these shores to stamp out the blasphemy of popular corporate light music and to guide the flock back into the devine light of the true faith....... Heavy Metal.

God Help Us All!!!

Cardinal Synne formed in 2010. They are a band whose members have a long standing pedigree having released several albums and toured Europe and North America extensively.

Ian Davison Swift - (Vocals)Former front man of internationally renowned bands Avenger, Satan and Atom Kraft.

Jon Hepworth - (Lead Guitar)Formerly of the band The Oliver Reed Fan club and top North East covers band Doyle.

Huw Hopkins - (Bass)Formerly bass player for Avenger, Nord, Order of the Black Sun and The Stalkers.

Dave Lyon - (Drummer) Previously played for The Campus Tramps, The Cayote Men, Superfly TNT’s and also plays for Former Cell Mates.

Brian Stafford - (Keyboards) Previously played for Silent Runner, Bizness. Also plays for North East band Doyle.

Cardinal Synne have already gained a reputation for playing dynamic live shows and the creation of accessible classic Heavy Rock/Metal material. Cardinal Synne aims to develop their growing fan base and live reputation and have recently completed the recording of their debut album at Blast Studios

Blast have recently recorded such artists as New York Dolls, Killing for Company and the Artic Monkeys. Their parent company - Global Music - also handles bands such as Wasp, Twisted Sister, McQueen, Marshall Law and The Quireboys to name drop a few. Cardinal Synne's own album is being produced by Adam Sinclair - the genius producer behind Irish Rockers, Therapy's latest release.


If you would be interested in discussing a booking for the band please contact us on:
Tel: 07792410331

or email:
Blackberry Messenger: 2748E74D

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